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What Kind Of Wind Is Best For Surfing?

The best kind of wind for surfing is the offshore wind. This is the wind that blows from the shore out to the sea. It is the ideal wind direction for surfing because it creates waves that are big and clean. When the waves are big and clean, it makes for a better surfing experience. The offshore wind is also good for surfers because it keeps them away from the dangerous rocks and reefs that are found near the shore.

Offshore and Onshore wind

The effect of offshore and onshore wind on waves is very different. When the wind blows from the shore, it creates choppy waves that are not good for surfing. Onshore winds can also make it difficult for surfers to paddle out to where the waves are breaking. When the wind blows offshore, it creates long, smooth waves that are perfect for surfing. When the waves are breaking in an offshore direction, it is called a “point break”. This is the ideal type of wave for surfing.

How can you tell if the wind is offshore?

There are a few things you can look for to tell if the wind is blowing offshore:

  • The first is the direction of the waves. If the waves are breaking towards the shore, then the wind is most likely blowing offshore.
  • Another thing to look for in the direction of the ripples on the water. If they are pointing away from the shore, then that means the wind is blowing offshore.
  • Finally, you can also tell by looking at flags or trees onshore. If they are blowing away from the shore, then that means the wind is blowing offshore.

What wind speed is bad for surfing?

Wind speed is only a problem for surfing if it is too strong. If the wind is blowing too hard, it can make it difficult to paddle out to the waves or to stay on your board once you’re out there. Wind speeds of 20 mph or more can start to create problems for surfers.


So, if you want to go surfing, you should look for conditions with offshore wind. This will give you the best waves for surfing. And remember, the best time to go surfing is early in the morning before the winds start to blow onshore.

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