What To Do With Sore Muscles After Surfing

What To Do With Sore Muscles After Surfing?

To avoid your next muscle soreness after surfing or to make it much less, you can do a few things!

Slow down

I know this is a difficult thing: you have been longing for the sea for months and now you are supposed to “slow down”?! But especially for surfing beginners or if you haven’t prepared yourself at home: take it slow and don’t overload yourself. Don’t start with a 3-hour session right away, but get your body used to the extreme strain step by step.


Most of the surfing is actually paddling, so you should pay extra attention to your shoulder area. But it also gets challenging for your hips once you’re on the board! Do some hip openers, stretch the back of your legs, etc.

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On the subject of stretching, a few studies contradict each other as to whether it really prevents muscle soreness. However, I believe that what relaxes me and does me good is also a fine thing for my muscles.

Support your regeneration

For an optimal regeneration after surfing it is important that you recharge your carbohydrate storage within 1-2 hours after the sport. You have spent a lot of energy in the sea and now it is important that you rebalance your fluid and mineral balance. You can do this, for example, with a recovery drink.

Fitness training

This is the most important and best tip of all to put an end to your sore muscles after surfing: Prepare yourself and your body accordingly for your surfing vacation! The only thing that will help is sensible build-up training so that your muscles can tolerate the strain better.

Move regularly and be active not only during your surf vacation! Almost every surfer has a muscle ache from time to time, especially those who constantly increase their performance. But in order not to be completely knocked out for 3 days on your next surf vacation because you can’t paddle anymore due to pain, you should rather consciously and continuously increase your training at home instead of demanding everything from your body at the push of a button during your two weeks surf vacation.

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Sore muscles after surfing are nothing tragic, but you shouldn’t completely ignore them either – after all, it’s a signal from your body and that’s also part of mindful surfing. Give your body the attention it demands. Be patient and good to yourself.

Do you know sore muscles after surfing? What are your best tips and recommendations to make it disappear quickly or prevent it?

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