What is SUP yoga

What is SUP yoga?

SUP is called the universal for a reason because everyone can find a direction to his or her liking. Do you want to get fit as an athlete? Rowing on speed. Are you attracted to waves? Get on a sup surf. Hiking, rafting, fishing, easy walks on the water – all this will provide a board with a paddle. And for those who like to keep themselves toned with SUP yoga, too, there is something to do.

The benefits of SUP yoga

SUP yoga has already carved a niche for itself among the ways to practice the sport. While previously yoga fans could only afford to change their dislocation from the gym to the outdoors, they now have the opportunity to do asanas directly on the water. Those who have already tried SUP yoga talk about how different it is from classical yoga in the studio.

Here are 8 reasons to try SUP yoga:

  1. SUP yoga is a great way to diversify your routine. If classes at the gym are getting a little boring, it’s worth getting out on the water.
  2. Training takes place in a completely new way for you: instead of the hard floor under you is the water, which constantly changes your position. You have to put a lot of effort to keep your balance.
  3. Water yoga is soothing. The sound of water has long been recognized as one of the best calming tools, so you don’t have to do complicated asanas, just meditate.
  4. You will become happier because anything new leads to having new sensations and new emotions.
  5. Despite the calm asanas, yoga on the water still gives a little adrenaline, because everyone has a chance to fall into the water.
  6. SUP yoga teaches patience and struggle: every time you fall in the water, you have to climb back on the board again and again. Over time, you will stop perceiving this as a difficulty.
  7. SUP allows you to develop your skills in yoga, taking it to the next level.
  8. SUP yoga is beautiful. After all, you are in nature where every moment counts. 

SUP Yoga Equipment.

Just like any other SUP activity, there is specially designed equipment for SUP yoga on the water. The boards, for example, are wider than the all-rounders, and the non-slip mat is placed over almost the entire surface of the board. SUP boards are also equipped with paddle mounts, so you don’t have to worry about being carried away by the current.

If you watch the many videos of group classes that are now held around the world, you can see special islands for the coach. SUP yoga boards have special fasteners that allow you to hold on to the island and stay close to the instructor during the entire class. This is difficult to achieve in even slightly windy conditions, as the boards periodically drift away from each other, even on lakes. An alternative to the island is anchors, which cling to each SUP and do not let it go far from the place. 

yoga on sup

Another important detail on the yoga SUP board is the displacement of the central handle for carrying. This is done so that you can sit comfortably on the board. Some models are also equipped with a window through which you can observe the life of the underwater world.

Interested? Then visit our store and choose one of the SUP yoga boards from the best manufacturers:

  • Starboard,
  • Red Paddle,
  • Atlas,
  • Mistral.

Where to practice SUP yoga?

The favorite places for water yoga are quiet bodies of water with little or no current. Therefore, lovers of meditation or a few asanas can be seen on lakes, in bays, quiet rivers, on the sea in the calm. However, water exercise can be done not only on natural bodies of water but also in a pool. This comes in handy when it’s cloudy, cold, or a strong wind outside that interferes with calm meditation.

paddle boards for yoga

The SUP Spot station holds regular SUP yoga classes, so you can always try this no longer new sport in its new manifestation. All instructors are certified. You can write or call them in advance to get acquainted better and understand what awaits you at the first class.

SUP yoga clothing

Yoga requires complete freedom of action. This means that the Paddleboard yoga clothing must be either very loose or elastic, or they can be replaced by a regular bikini or swim trunks. It all depends on how comfortable you are, what weather is outside, and where you are planning your classes.

In the heat, it will be most comfortable in a swimsuit. For long meditations in the sun, lycra is great. Loose cotton pants are still better left for the gym, as they will get wet and take a long time to dry out if you fall. 

SUP yoga is a great way not only to diversify your favorite gym activities but also to try something new. So don’t put off what you can do today.  

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