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What is Freediving?

Freediving is scuba diving, long dives in the pool, and deep dives in open water.

The training process for freedivers includes diving as well as swimming on the surface, practicing techniques and developing tolerance to hypercapnia and hypoxia.

5 reasons why a swimmer needs freediving.

  1. Developing the body’s resistance to working in high carbon dioxide environments. The pool training program includes series with reduced breathing. These include surface swimming and under-diving.
  2. Working off feelings of fear of open water. Some, even professional swimmers who train in the pool have a fear of open water. Because there are no familiar lanes, opaque water, or fear of river or sea creatures. Freedivers, especially in Russia, have to dive in a variety of conditions: cold and opaque lakes, rivers with currents, and, of course, the sea. But the sea can also be different – there are waves, undercurrents, and thermoclines. And the diving in winter under the ice – that’s a separate story. So, after several trips to the open water, the feeling of fear is gone.
  3. Developing a sense of aquaticity and gliding. In freediving, it’s very important to minimize the number of movements and increase the glide phase. That’s why a lot of attention is paid to gliding. You have to think about it almost all the time, and as a result, this skill is easily transferable to regular swimming as well.
  4. Relaxation. One of the disciplines in freediving is static breath-holding. That’s when you just lie on the surface of the water and don’t breathe. And it’s a very cool skill to relax all parts of the body individually, which comes in handy in swimming so that the muscles that are not working – really do not work. And statics also have the bonus of helping you recover better from a strength or volume workout.
  5. Switching up activity shifts. What can you do – sometimes even the most interesting workouts get boring and no longer bring joy. Sometimes it leads to burnout and switching from swimming to soccer. And freediving will allow you to change activities while remaining in the aquatic environment.

Freediving is types of diving. It is about fun, the feeling of flying and weightlessness, the beauty of the underwater world, immersion in silence, and the pleasure of the first breath!

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