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What are the 3 main types of fishing?

There are many different types of fishing, but the three most common forms are freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and fly fishing.

Freshwater fishing generally refers to angling in lakes and rivers, while saltwater fishing can include both coastal and deep-sea excursions. Fly fishing is a specialized form of freshwater fishing that typically uses lighter tackle and artificial flies as bait.

No matter what type of fishing you enjoy, the sport can be a great way to relax, connect with nature, and spending time with friends and family.

3 main types of fishing:

  1. Freshwater Fishing – this involves fishing in rivers and lakes. The most common fish caught in freshwater are trout, bass, salmon, and catfish.
  2. Saltwater Fishing – as the name implies, this type of fishing is done in saltwater. Common fish caught in saltwater include tuna, mackerel, and marlin.
  3. Fly Fishing – this is a type of fishing that uses artificial flies as bait and is usually done in freshwater. However, some people do fly fish in saltwater. The most common fish caught with fly fishing are trout and salmon.

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