Types Of Surfing

Surfing is exciting waterboarding, which has become not just a recreational activity, but a prestigious sport. Classic surfing is defined as surfing on the natural waves of the sea or ocean.


Wakeboarding surfers ride the waves created by a boat. The speed of the watercraft for this sport is in most cases about 16 kilometers per hour. When surfing at first the surfer is pulled by a special halyard – a rope that helps to start the movement and accelerate. Later, it is necessary to let go and ride the board on a boat wave.


types of surfing sports
types of surfing sports

A type of surfing, which uses a shortboard with a soft surface. Surfer takes a lying-down position on the surfboard which allows both relaxing and getting a lot of adrenaline.


Surfing WITHOUT surfing!  Your own body is used as a gliding surface. In this type of surfing as additional equipment, you can use short fins on the legs and a special glove on the hand, allowing you to lift your head. Due to its accessibility and nimbleness, this type of hobby is popular all over the world. 


This is surfing on the water, which is provided by the wind force. To ride using a board with lightweight, which is attached a special sail. Windsurfing can be done even in light winds.


A very spectacular type of surfing is characterized by moving on the water surface or waves using traction force created by a large kite.

Kiteboarding combines the conquest of water and airspace. If an athlete learns how to manage a kiteboard well he/she can show excellent tricks which are only in this kind of sport.

Longboard – is a type of  surfing on a Longboard 

different types of surfing
different types of surfing

The Longboard has an average length of about 300 cm. It is the ancestor of surfing. Longboards have a relaxed, smooth riding style. Although with the proper skill this board is capable of dramatic maneuvers. This board is great for riding on gentle waves.

Shortboard – is a type of surfing on a Shortboard

This shortboard has an average length of 180cm. It is more suitable for a variety of tricks. It usually has a rocker that allows you to make sharp maneuvers on any section of the wave. 

The shortboard is more oriented to the high level of training and the pro level. 

Big wave surfing 

The average length of the board for this type of surfing is 280cm. Interestingly, on such large waves, sometimes to get there are used towing jet skis. 

Surfing on large waves is the most dangerous type of surfing because even with a good fall from a high wave, the surfer can go underwater to a depth of 6-15 meters, and he will have only 20 seconds to understand where the top and bottom, and have time to get to the surface before it covers the next wave.  So this kind of surfing requires the surfer to have the maximum skill and experience.

To master the classic or other types of surfing, it is worth visiting the best spots and becoming a student of surf school with talented instructors. What kind of surfing do you choose?

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