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Types of diving

Want to learn about the different types of diving? This article is for you. From night diving to nitrox diving, we cover it all!

Night Diver – night diving.

The underwater world after sunset is strikingly different from the usual picture in daylight.

Only night dives will help to see underwater those inhabitants of the sea depths, which will not be met during the day.

The technique of night diving has its peculiarities because of the complete absence of natural light sources.

To ensure safety the night dives are usually made at the usual dive sites, with a depth limitation of 15-20 meters. Try it and you will get a guaranteed maximum of new impressions.

Ice Diving – underwater diving.

A real godsend for “hot guys”. Refers to the most extreme diving. Ice diving will require special equipment, experience, determination, and masterful control of buoyancy. Water temperature under the arch of ice from 3 to 5 ° C is difficult to call comfortable to dive, but it is more than compensated by a stunning view of underwater whims and a real adrenaline rush.

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Cavern Diver – diving in caves

This activity can be called a preparatory stage before diving into overhead environments.

Cavern Diver – this is the first introduction to the wonderful world of underwater speleology.

This kind of variety does not involve diving in a closed overhead environment – further than the daylight penetrates.

But still, it’s enough to get a whole bouquet of emotions and unmatched sensations.

Try it once, and you will appreciate it.

Deep Diving – deep diving.

After completing the OWD course and receiving your certificate you dive to a depth of 18 meters. If you want to do more, broaden your scuba diving scope, and see more, then the Deep Diver course is for you.

It allows you to dive to the maximum depth of recreational diving – 40 meters. Nitrogen narcosis and bends are real threats at great depths. Therefore, deep diving will require concentration, experience, buoyancy control, and the competent configuration of equipment.

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Wreck Diving – wreck diving

“The cherry on the cake” means diving into underwater objects. Wrecked ships, planes, barges. Enjoy treasure hunters and ancient mysteries.

Belongs to the most romantic types of diving and varieties of amateur diving. In addition to new sensations, adrenaline, and unforgettable impressions.

Rack diving gives an indescribable feeling of touching history.

Dives of this kind will require a fair amount of experience and masterful buoyancy control.

Nitrox Diver – Enriched Air Diving

This specialty will increase the limits and safety of the dives. Diving with enriched air not only increases bottom time, and reduces surface intervals but also greatly reduces the risk of DCI.

It does not require any special equipment for diving, but it is important to understand the pros, cons, and risks of using Nitrox mixtures. Nitrox Diver specialization is theoretical and does not require diving for training and certification. But theoretical training and understanding of the material are at the top of the list. 

The specialty is among the most popular types of diving in recreational diving.

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