What Is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a kind of water sport. It consists of rafting on a rough river in a rowing boat – a kayak. It also refers to one of the varieties of water tourism or outdoor activities. A person who is engaged in this sport is called a kayaker.

Kayaking appeared recently, but in a short time managed to become quite popular. It is possible to engage in it on different bodies of water – lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, and reservoirs.

What types of kayaking are there?

types of kayaking
types of kayaking

There are all types of kayaks:

  • marine (recreational): calm rafting on different bodies of water;
  • extreme: rafting on mountain rivers;
  • expeditionary: one of the varieties of water tourism, which is to walk in a kayak;
  • freestyle: rafting on rough water with performing all kinds of tricks (“shaft”, “barrel”, etc.);
  • paddling slalom: rafting in which one competes on speed;
  • can polo: a game of water polo in a kayak;
  • squirt kayaking: performing tricks and figures underwater and on the surface of the water.

Freestyle, Canoe Slalom, Canoe polo, and kayaking competitions are held. The most popular among them are rowing slalom and freestyle tournaments.

What need for kayaking lessons?

You need a kayak for kayaking lessons. It comes in different kinds:

  • slalom;                          
  • for freestyle;
  • game;
  • for rafting.

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Kayaks are made of carbon, polyethylene, and fiberglass. As a rule, a kayak has room for one person. But some kayaks can fit two or three people.

type of kayaks
type of kayaks

A helmet, life jacket, swimsuit, or swimming trunks are also needed for the activity. A wetsuit is worn for rafting on a rough river since the water in mountain rivers is cold.

How can I start kayaking?

No special training is needed to practice kayaking. You can start at any age. In addition, in many places, you can rent a kayak and take a ride.

If we talk about freestyle, paddling slalom, and extreme kayaking, then you need training. Now there are many kayaking schools where you can start from scratch.

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