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Kayak Or Raft

River rafting boats are not limited to kayak or raft. There are also catamarans, bagels, and kayaks. Each vessel has its own characteristics, the number of people and even the seating on the boat are different. Moreover, even the oars and, accordingly, the management techniques may be different.

Usually, for rafting you mostly use rafts, sometimes kayaks, much more rarely catamarans, can try a kayak, but this is for more trained guests.


Raft is a large inflatable boat that can sit from 4 to 10 paddlers and an instructor. Participants sit on the sides, feet – in special stops on the bottom. This helps keep them on the raft while paddling through the rapids. For rowing, a single paddle is used and the participant paddles only on the side of his side. The boat is steered by an instructor who sits in the stern. His technique is different from the rowers. He gives the commands that you have to follow to make the raft follow the planned route.

Let’s tell a little secret: if you want to get more emotions and splashing – get in the first raft nose – you will get a real roller coaster while passing rapids. But those who want to get away from the water – better move to the middle or closer to the stern.


Kayak – can be frame or inflatable. It sits 1-3 participants. Sitting on the bottom of the boat, legs slightly bent, knees in the restraints, which are located along the sides. Operate the kayak with a double paddle with a U-turn. Turning the paddle is done on purpose so that with each stroke the participant did not get a portion of water on his head


Now let’s compare the two boats. We already know that they differ in the way they seat participants, the number of participants, and the way they row.

A raft is a large, reliable boat, among professional watermen there are such a definition as “raft irons the water”. And it’s really so: while passing on the raft small rifts are not so brightly felt. This boat is suitable for beginners and for those who want quiet and safe passing of all sections of the route as well as for people with big weight and children. The latter can even walk on the raft on the smooth sections of the river, without the danger of falling overboard or overturning the boat.

A kayak is a more maneuverable boat, it can easily pass through the narrow channels between the rocks, whereas a raft would have to choose another way. In a kayak the landing is much lower and closer to the water, which means no “iron”, it literally “licks” all the rocks, in it even a small roll looks like a roller coaster. This boat is more suitable for those who like speed, are not afraid of water, and want to experience more extreme sensations.

So what to choose Kayak Or Raft?

You don’t have to choose. Try everything and only after that you’ll know what you really need

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