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How do I learn to swim quickly as an adult?

Swimming is one of the most popular sports. It brings joy and helps keep the body in great shape. But what to do for those who did not master this art as a child? The best solution is to sign up for a swimming class with a trainer. A qualified instructor will see to your safety and advise effective exercises. The following are tips and advice on how to quickly learn to swim as an adult in the pool.

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5 reasons to learn to swim

  1. Contact with water is enjoyable, uplifting, and helps relieve stress.
  2. If you have a fear of water, you will get rid of it and feel more confident.
  3. Swimming increases body tone and endurance, trains muscles, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, speeds up metabolism, and promotes good posture.
  4. The newfound skill will stay with you forever. You can swim in the sea during your vacation and teach it to your children.
  5. Visiting the pool is a great way to have a good time and add variety to your life.

The main stages of learning

How do you properly learn to swim as an adult who can’t even stay in the water? To do this, the swimming process should be broken down into several stages and mastered one by one. Here are the main steps.

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  1. Learn how to stay in the water. Any trainer will show you the right simple exercises. The most famous of them – is “float. Standing in the water, you need to hold your breath, dip your head under the water and sit down, embracing your knees. In this position, you can easily rise and stay afloat with your backup as long as there is enough air. Don’t raise your head too high to maintain a horizontal position, as this will cause your legs to sink. Remember, if you get more air, it will be easier to surface.
  2. Learn to glide through the water. If you are already afloat, you can start moving in the water by inertia. To do this, forcefully push off the bottom or rim of the pool, assume a horizontal position, and continue moving face down for as long as possible. When you can swim this way for about 8 meters, it is time to connect your arms and legs.
  3. Move your arms and legs. Usually, the art of swimming starts with the so-called “doggy” style, and then more complex sports styles are mastered. Movements of the hands in this technique are obtained reflexively, but the legs need to train separately. To do this, your hands can be held by the rim of the pool or special swimming boards.
  4. Proper breathing. Before mastering the crawl or breaststroke, you need to learn how to breathe swimmer. You need to exhale through your mouth directly into the water, and the water pressure forces you to do so with some effort. When breathing in, the head does not lift and turns to the side. Inhale also need to be through the mouth, because the nose can get splashes.
  5. Sport swimming styles are the fastest and most effective. Brass swimming resembles the movements of a frog. The front crawl on the chest or back involves alternating arm movements. The butterfly is the ultimate for those who have already learned to swim well. In it, the arms move in sync.

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