how to fishing on SUP board

SUP fishing or how to fish on SUP board.

SUP fishing is very common in Canada and the United States, and the point of SUP fishing is:

  • First, to have the ability to swim into any remote, shallow or narrow body of water. 
  • Secondly, a SUP board is significantly smaller and lighter than an inflatable boat, so you can take it anywhere, even without a car. 
  • Third, a SUP board doesn’t sink into the water, it glides on the surface, so you’re not disturbing the fish, they don’t even notice you, which has a positive effect on the catch.

For SUP fishing manufacturers from not too long ago came up with special boards, allowing comfort and confidence to throw gear and spend time on the board waiting for a bite. We’ll look at these special fishing sleds later in this article, but for now, let’s talk about our experience fishing with an ordinary 10’6″ recreational board.

For this experiment, we chose a clear fall day and went to one city lake, where we often noticed not a few amateur fishermen. Someone came with a spinning rod, someone with ordinary float tackle, well, we decided to take a fly fishing rod for a test. This way of fishing is very relevant for SUP-fishing because we can move away from the bank and cast the line wherever we want.

Pros of SUP fishing

Undeniable pluses of fishing on sup and probably the first thing you want to note is that you’re standing above the water on a hard surface and you can better assess the situation around you, take into account many nuances of the place where you’re going to catch. Tree branches and other vegetation are not in the way. It’s very easy to move from one place to another, choosing the most suitable position for taking the bait. In principle, even on a regular inflatable board fishing is a pleasure, although not always enough space to place the necessary things for fishing and still put a small folding chair for himself

SUP fishing
SUP fishing

In addition to the mentioned advantages of the process of fishing on a paddleboard, fishing while standing on a board allows you to further train your balance muscles and progress in their skills with the board!

After all, in addition to casting your rod, your body needs to keep your balance at all times, and you simultaneously deal with the wind, possible current, waves, snags, etc. And so during all of these procedures, you pump up your skills so much that you become a versatile SUP fisherman rider.

Cons of SUP fishing

Disadvantages are without a convention, but they are associated primarily with the choice of board and only then with the inexperience of fisherman. Non-designated SUP boards lack stability, space on the deck, holder for rods and paddles, additional rings to mount a box or other additional equipment, as well as the area of the mat covering the board. 

Of course on special boards for SUP fishing, it all is provided and a mat covers the entire deck or a large part of it and additional anchors allow you to do fishing on sup more comfortably. The main and major parameter for the selection of fishing boards is stability. Fish board has an impressive width and thickness, which provides sufficient carrying capacity. It should be easy to move on such a board and be sure that it will not suddenly fall on one edge when the next swing of the rod.

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