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How to Deal With Sharks While Scuba Diving

Recently, diving and surfing have become more and more popular activities. When going to the sea or ocean, the most inexperienced tourists think about trying exotic types of sea recreation, which are not limited to diving and surfing. However, not many people understand the downside of such a vacation – the threat of sharks. Let’s get acquainted with how to deal with sharks while diving.

How to deal with sharks while diving. Basic rules of conduct

There are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of encountering a shark while diving:

  • Choose dive sites that are not known to be frequented by sharks.
  • Avoid diving in areas where there is known to be baitfish or other marine life that might attract sharks.
  • Don’t wear shiny jewelry or brightly colored clothing when diving, as this may attract sharks.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid swimming near areas where sharks have been sighted.
  • If you do encounter a shark while diving, stay calm and don’t make any sudden movements. Slowly back away from the shark and exit the water if possible.
  • It is dangerous to dive in the water with murky water – sharks prefer to hunt in low visibility conditions (so they have a better chance of approaching their prey unnoticed). The same applies to night swimming – sharks hunt more intensively at night.

If you dive, it is better not to do it alone – it is noticed that sharks rarely attack groups of people. This is logical because the shark is also capable of assessing the strength of the opponent.

One of the most important rules – being among the sharks, do not to make too many sharp fluttering movements. Try to disturb the underwater inhabitants as little as possible without attracting their attention with careless movements.

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