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How To Choose The Right Color Fishing Lure

For summer fishing in the plumb line from the boat are often used narrow-bodied fly rods up to 5 cm in length. Larger baits among the vegetation is difficult to catch. The problem is their sprawling game, leading to frequent hooks. In addition, they catch mostly small predators that can simply ignore a large bait. Working coloring is chosen in the process of fishing, so the arsenal must consist of at least three basic colors: 

  • silver – lures in gray with a darkened back; 
  • gold – balancers with golden sides; 
  • red head-white body and red head.

How To Choose Fishing Lure Color

Some spinning enthusiasts, both supporters of classic spinning fishing, and fans of plumb line fishing, mistakenly believe that the color of the bait does not affect the result. In fact, this is not true, because we have to catch mostly at shallow depths and in clear transparent water, and the main predators – rely primarily on his vision.

What Color Fishing Lure To Use

The fact that the color depends on a lot, you can see for yourself. To do this, you just need to try two completely different options: discreet natural colors and something bright. As a rule, lures only one of them. To add attractiveness to the balancer, you can put colored kembricks on his tee or tie a bundle of red wool. After such improvement, the fish reliably sits on the bottom hook.

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