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How to Catch an Unbroken Wave

It is not always possible to catch an unbroken wave. If a wave doesn’t pick up the surfboard, it’s important not to hang around for too long in a place where the next wave might crash.

You need to immediately turn your board and return to a safe place (line up). After the wave, which could not be caught, most likely comes the next one, maybe even bigger, can cover.

If you see that there is a whole set, and you do not have time to return to the line up before the meeting with the waves, it may be better to lie on the board back in the foam from the broken waves on the shore. It’s not worth fighting the ocean.

Catch an Unbroken Wave

To catch a wave in unbroken water, you need to paddle out to where the waves are breaking and then wait for a wave to come. When the wave comes, you need to paddle hard to catch it. If you do not paddle hard enough, you will not catch the wave and will be left behind. Once you catch the wave, you need to stand up on your surfboard and ride it in. If you do not stand up, you will fall off and be left behind. To ride a wave, you need to keep your balance and use your arms and legs to paddle.

You also need to lean back when the wave is about to break so that you do not go over the top. When the wave breaks, you need to turn around and ride it back to the shore. If you do not turn around, you will be left behind. When you get back to the shore, you need to paddle out again and wait for another wave. Сatching wave is a lot of fun but it takes practice. If you keep at it, you will eventually be able to catch any wave that comes your way. Thanks for reading!

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