How Rain Affects Your Fishing

How Rain Affects Your Fishing 

Summer fishing plans are often ruined by capricious weather. For example, unexpected rain. But the real fisherman will not stop it, especially since during rainfall the activity of some species of fish increases at times. What is the reason?

Why do the fish become more active in the rain?

It is worth noting that not all precipitation makes the fish “wake up”. If the weather forecasters predict heavy rain with gale-force winds, it is better to stay at home. Under such conditions, the underwater inhabitants literally pressed to the bottom surface and wait out the inclement weather just like people do in their homes. Fishermen say in such cases: the fish lay on the bottom. In very bad rainy and windy weather, because of which the water in reservoirs becomes too muddy, there will be no biting.

Is fishing good in the rain?

Another thing is when after a few really hot days the light rain breaks through. It lowers the water temperature and saturates it with oxygen, thus creating comfortable conditions for fish, and streams of rainwater flowing into the pond carry food: various bugs, worms, larvae, and more. That’s why during a little summer rain many fish awaken with a “brutal” appetite. Noticeable revival is observed with the first drops and beaks not only in the rain but also for some time afterward.

Related factors

fishing in the rain

It has been noted that the maximum activity of underwater inhabitants is shown when the rain blows in parallel with the south or west wind no more than 2 m / s, and the air temperature remains at a summer mark (+20 or higher). In such weather great catch bluefin, ide, ide, pike, large perch, and many other peaceful and predatory species. A sudden increase in wind, a change of direction, as well as a decrease in temperature has a negative impact on fishing. Usually, after such changes, the bait completely stops and resumes only after the return of good weather.

The atmospheric pressure during the rain plays an important role. If the air pressure is too low, oxygen solubility in the water decreases significantly, which negatively affects the biting. If the pressure is kept at an average level (eg, 760 mm Hg), without sharp fluctuations, then excellent fishing is guaranteed.

Fishing comfort

Every angler knows what is fishing in the rain. It drips from above, the shore is slippery, there is water everywhere… In general, not the most pleasant activity, but for the sake of the catch, many are ready to endure. To feel more or less comfortable in inclement weather, you must be properly equipped: to wear a suit of waterproof fabric (pants + jacket), raincoat, rubber boots with straps. If you plan to go for an overnight stay, you must bring spare clothes. A modern tent made of waterproof material will be a reliable protector from precipitation on a multi-day fishing trip. And since we are going to spend the night in it, we will need an inflatable mattress.

The dangers of fishing in a thunderstorm

fishing in the rain

If lightning began to flash in the sky, you should stop fishing and wait away from the water until the lightning front passes. It is best in the car with the ignition off. It is advisable to remove the fishing gear, as wet fishing lines and rods are conductors of electric current.

In conclusion.

A little summer rain makes for great fishing – this is a proven fact. When it replaces the long sweltering heat, the fish react immediately, their appetite wakes up, they greedily pounce on the bait. So why not take advantage of the situation? The main thing is to dress for the weather.

Have a good fishing trip!

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