how to do front crawl stroke

How to Swim the Front Crawl Stroke

Most swimmers prefer to swim in the front crawl style. What is the front crawl in swimming? This technique is considered quite difficult to master but is characterized by the greatest speed of overcoming the distance. The freestyle stroke is also known as the front crawl 

Interesting fact! Most world swimming records were set in the front crawl.

How to properly swim

what is the front crawl in swimming
front crawl in swimming

Swimming on the chest front crawl involves alternate work of the arms and legs. Hands make swinging movements – rowing, and legs work as “scissors”. The swimmer’s head turns to inhale from side to side simultaneously with the hand. This allows you to minimize resistance with the water and develop good speed.

The main difference between the front crawl and other styles is the movement of the legs. The small thrusts inherent in the front crawl help intensify the paddling.

During the inhalation, the swimmer turns the body and head after the working hand. The air intake is sharp since the time on the surface is short. After breathing in, the swimmer puts his face down and exhales into the water.

The front crawl helps to engage the muscles of the back, shoulders, and legs. That’s why swimming in this style is recommended by pediatricians to people facing back pain.

How to do front crawl stroke arms 

how to do front crawl stroke arms
how to do front crawl stroke arms

The athlete’s hands assume the greatest load during the swim. The front crawl involves the continuous work of the limbs. Hands stroke is the main motor of the swimmer. That’s why many people jokingly call the front crawl a swinging style.

When making the first stroke with the right hand (right-handed swimmer), the left-hand makes a circular movement along the body underwater. When reaching the surface of the water, the swimmer bends the limb at the elbow and straightens it out again when diving. Then the hands change: this alternation lasts for the whole swim.

Note! The load during the stroke is first on the shoulders, then goes to the forearm, and then to the palms. The swimmer must make all movements smoothly to avoid injury.

While learning to swim the front crawl, you can take turns training the arms. To do this, the swimmer should lie on the surface of the water and make zigzag movements with each hand, the other hand resting on the surface of the body. It is not possible to reach a high speed in this swim, because pushing with one hand is not enough. But it’s important to master the mechanics of the stroke.

What is leg movement used in the front crawl?

front crawl stroke
front crawl stroke

The legs help the athlete keep his balance while swimming, as well as push off the water. The movement of the legs is compared to the exercise “scissors”, so the legs make small parallel movements. The swing goes from the hip, while the knees remain stationary. It is extremely important to alternate legs quickly: this allows you to increase the speed.

Everyone can master the front crawl, the main thing – continuously train and practice the technique with a trainer. To improve the technique use swimming accessories such as flippers, shovels, and a swimming board. In addition to training in the pool, on the ocean, and the sea, it is recommended to add workouts in the gym.

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