equipmen for kayak

What equipment is needed for kayaking

Many tourists are attracted by canoes and kayaks, which give the freedom to travel, allow you to meet new people, enjoy the unity with nature and just get maximum positive emotions. And if experienced athletes know that for kayaking it is not enough just to rent a kayak, but also to have the necessary equipment, but for inexperienced tourists the choice of such equipment seems trivially simple.

In fact it is not so easy. Yes, in the rent kayaks can help you choose the right boat for a particular route and even hold an express course on management of mini-boats. But at the same time there are a number of criteria on which you need to pay attention when going kayaking.

must have equipment for kayak 

First of all, it is about safety. It is a mistake to think that such a water journey will suit any lifejacket, without which it is strictly forbidden to go down the river. For kayaking you should choose a spacious vest with a wide armhole and a minimum length. This feature of such life jackets will not hinder the kayaker’s movements and will not interfere with the protective skirt on the watercraft.

Also important equipment is the paddle. To go kayaking you should choose wide paddles with a minimum weight, with the help of which you can easily control the boat even at a high speed and skillfully bypass any obstacles.

Helmets are used to protect the head, protecting not only the top and back of the skull, but also the temples and the face. A helmet requires durability, good cushioning properties and a secure strap

Footwear for kayaking can be the most common sport (sneakers) under which to put neoprene socks, and special type of neoprene boots. The main requirements: to protect the feet, maintaining body temperature and quick drying.

In addition to the above items of clothing when rafting in kayaks and canoes so called skirts are used to protect the interior from water. In addition, we should mention gloves, jackets, shorts, breeches, shirts, helmets and various combinations of basic and related items. For example, such a widespread option: wetsuit and waterproof jacket.