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Do Indo Boards Help With Surfing

Especially for you, a new tool has been invented – the indo board – a personal balance trainer. Do indo boards help with surfing? Yes, it allows you to develop a sense of balance, motor skills, and coordination of movements, to keep a good shape.

What is an indo board?

This board is not a kind of extreme sport. It is an absolutely new and independent direction of activity. 

Who invented the indo board?

Hunter Josin invented the Indo Board way back in 1965. Josin was a surfer and was willing to surf all his free time, but he had to give himself up to the daily workouts of his college swim team… He began to fall behind his friends. The solution came out of the blue. One day in the locker room, he saw an unidentified plank-shaped object. Putting the board on the partition, Josin tried to imitate the surfer’s movements on the wave. Most surprisingly, he succeeded! The board completely mimicked the surf. Hunter fell a few times (not without this), but was generally satisfied. He took the board home where he finalized and installed it on the roller. This is how I built my first balance board.

You can perform and practice a lot of tricks that are used in snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, etc. on the indo-board. For example, with the proper level of training you can perform ollie, kickflip, etc. 

How indo boards help with surfing?

In order not to lose any board skills, riders use a balance board in the off-season, thereby being in the saddle all year long.

Basic training takes only 3-5 minutes, and with a comrade who has already mastered the indo, it will be even faster (there will be someone to support you). While standing on the balance board your knees bend to the optimal position. 

The board is a joy for all riders without exception, regardless of the level of skiing and style preferences. The main goal of balancing board training is to hold the board for as long as possible without touching the ground.

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