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Top 10 must-have diving accessories

The comfort of diving depends on many factors from the chosen dive site to your emotional state. The right diving accessories play an important role.

 It is difficult to guess at what time an item of diving equipment will be useful, but it is possible to say that certain positions of additional equipment will provide more comfort and safety. 

We have selected the top 10 most popular diving accessories.

1. Diving cap.

An indispensable thing not in terms of need underwater, but in terms of comfort on the surface. Frequent diving, open spaces, and wind can lead to earaches even in the tropics. That is why we recommend making this item a compulsory part of your extra equipment. The hat models are made of neoprene or fleece, cover the ears and prevent the blowing of the ears. As a rule, they are made in the form of a bonded hat, a sports cap, or a hat with earflaps.

2. Waterproof socks.

 Another inexpensive and useful piece of equipment. We all know that when you enter the dive boat remove your shoes and move around the boat barefoot. So in waterproof socks do it much more comfortably, on the cold and wet deck. For example-de shell waterproof socks-is an inexpensive and comfortable solution.

 3. A small syringe.

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Even if you take precautions and wear a cap, moisture gets into your ear canal. The water carries germs that will multiply and cause inflammation in time. So, flush your ears! A syringe with a soft tip will help remove water from your ears and flush the canals with a weak solution of vinegar and alcohol. It is difficult to classify a syringe as a diving accessory, but it is something that protects the diver’s ears.

4. Waterproof pouches.

No diver can do without it. The safety of personal belongings is a separate topic, and without hermetic bags and protective cases, there is nothing. They will protect things, documents, gadgets, from moisture, salt, and splashes. Usually, it is a sealed product made of PVC on a fabric base, or of polyurethane-coated fabric with a thick pocket.

5. Replacement straps.

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A set of flipper straps and a mask are diving accessories that everyone should have. Spare straps are not expensive and can be purchased at specialty stores for divers, but their absence at the right time can spoil your vacation. Rubber straps are torn at the wrong moment, the absence of a “zip” almost 100% leads to the termination of the dive. This is critical when you are far away from dive stores and services (e.g. on safari), of course, if your colleagues will not help you with this.

6. Underwater stick.

 It is a small rod, made of stainless steel with a handle and a pendant (loop) on the end. Underwater it can be used for attracting attention (e.g. by tapping), as well as for fixation by setting it on a reef or a rock.

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 A handy solution, which is useful in many non-standard situations. For instance, when you get into underwater currents, a stick will help you to fix yourself and get out of the bed by alternately sticking it on the rock or reef.

7. Retractor.

 An essential accessory for diving, and more precisely for your gadgets. It is useful if you are used to taking additional diving equipment (shakers, cameras, flashlights, etc.).

The device is a carabiner on a strong spiral cable and is designed to secure and prevent the loss of equipment. The retractor itself is attached to the shoulder D-ring of the buoyancy compensator.

8. Reef Hook.

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Sturdy coral hook made of titanium or stainless steel. Comes with a strong Nylon halyard up to two meters long with a solid, stainless steel carabiner at the end. It is used for reliable fixation of the diver in the conditions of a strong underwater current. We recommend buying reef hook when planning diving in places with strong currents. In many regions, it is a mandatory piece of equipment.

9. Set of wrenches and screwdrivers.

Dive gear constantly reacts with corrosive environment, and like nothing else requires periodic inspection and maintenance. First stage regulator assemblies, inflator, pressure gauge, and many more may require an initial on-site diagnosis. A set of hex wrenches usually does not weigh down a gear bag, but will come in handy for troubleshooting.

10. Spare O-rings.

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Loss of O-rings for Din regulator, etching of gauge or inflator hose is a quite common situation, therefore it is a must for the diver to keep on hand spare O-rings.

As a rule, O-rings are sold by the gauge or the first stage. But there are also universal kits containing sets of O-rings for the key pieces of equipment.

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