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Now you will learn about the best surf wave. Sooner or later any self-respecting surfer has a moment when the foam and small surfing waves seem to be over, and an irresistible excitement to find more interesting surfing waves appears. Of course, the island of Bali abounds with enough spots, for those who just got on a board, and for those who are already real pros. But it should be noted that mankind is very lucky – our planet can boast an abundance of spots in different countries, on different beaches with unique and dissimilar surfing waves. We intend to tell you about where these iconic surfing waves, which do not lazy to come surfing fans from around the world.


The beach with the poetic name Black Beach is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the U.S. state of California. The conditions are not suitable for beginners. Surfing waves in this place are formed by the unique underwater canyon Scripps, because of which the Black Beach also time walks the strongest currents. Even though the rescue service there works like clockwork, riders should be wary of the ocean currents, which can be a bad joke. The spot is even considered one of the best because the wind is not a big influence on the waves and you can ride there from morning till night if you’re fit enough and experienced. And yes, sometimes the situation on the line-up can be pretty aggressive, the house dwellers do not let anybody get away.

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One of the most populous spots in Australia, Superbank, located on the outskirts of Queensland’s Gold Coast, is one of the biggest aquatic tourism hubs on the continent. Proper surfing waves started to form on this spot as a result of dredging, and the quality of the waves here can be overwhelming – impressive tubes and walls stand up here with confidence and with enviable regularity. Naturally, riders can’t get past such characteristics, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see about 200 people in the lineup at one time when you arrive. This Australian surf spot is also famous for the amazing length of the waves. Of course, you may not feel so comfortable because of the number of people dropping everyone and everything here (it’s a common thing with so many surfers per square meter), but it is worth visiting this legendary place, if only for general development.


Pipeline Spot, located in the recognized home of surfing in Hawaii, namely the island of Oahu, got its telling name back in the ’60s. What is noteworthy is that underwater utilities were indeed laid in this place, but over the years, the name has come to have a second interpretation. The pipeline is considered one of the most dangerous places for skiing on our planet, it is this in every sense difficult reef spot that tops the personal charts of athletes around the world. Of course, everyone who is impatient to conquer the water element wants to get there one day to test their strength. The pipeline is famous for the biggest surf waves on the planet, which can be up to 15 meters high in the winter, and picture-perfect straight tubes, however, because of the reef bottom and the sharpness of the wave, this point – a real attraction for the brave, as well as notorious and considerable list of athletes who have parted with life or were seriously injured here. This spot is for those who are looking for super serious surfing waves and are hunting for a huge dose of adrenaline.

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The second-best surf spot in the world is located in Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. Supertubes are the best surf wave in world, and the fame for fast and smooth tubes, whose quality strives for perfection, is booming all over the world. The best surfing time is between May and September, which is when you can ride waves ranging in size from 4 to 10 feet. The dangers in the water, in addition to the battering current, are truly African – here you can accidentally encounter the cutest white shark. J-Bay also hosts the annual Billabong Pro, which draws crowds of pro and pro surfers alike.


Peruvian spots, scattered along a gigantic coastline of more than 2,000 kilometers, are by far the most attractive for riders of all stripes, and the best surf wave of them is in the capital Lima. Sections for all tastes and colors, small, large, and medium, give riders of all levels an unprecedented amount of space. Some say that the Peruvian breaks are the best surfing waves in South America and that they can even compare with Hawaii while having a distinct advantage – the number of skaters is much smaller, which eliminates the crowds and gives a chance to have a good surf. By the way, it was in Peru in 2014 that the ISA World Surfing Games were held, which for the first time was attended by a Russian team.

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This spot is about one mile from the picturesque heart-shaped island of Tavarua, part of the Fiji Islands. Tavarua is also one of the world’s best surf resorts. You can get to the world-famous perfect left-handed wave only by boat. On the spot there are three main sections – top, middle, and inside, which is very convenient: for beginners inside works in a gentle mode, while a little higher for professionals-hardcore has its uncompromising entertainment. It is not for nothing that annual Volcom Fiji Pro competitions are held on this exact spot.


Unique G-Land was discovered over 40 years ago by two surfers who had just flown over Java in an airplane. Experienced and ready to explore, you can’t fool the eyes and the guys saw the perfect set from a bird’s eye view and decided to scout the way to this amazing place by all means. Thanks to two brothers Michael and Bill Boyum, today’s surfers now have a great opportunity to see G-Land with their own eyes. Along the entire coast of the bay stretches perfectly flat left surf waves, which are formed with the help of a huge reef. The spot is notable because it allows you to ride as hardened surfers who are attracted to the serious and sharp waves, as well as the dream of any pro-smooth tube, and beginners riders, for which one of the sections is formed on a gentle and gentle wave. It is also worth noting that, despite the characteristics of a world-class, G-Land is not a heavily populated spot (partly because of the difficult location), which can play into the hands of visitors: a beautiful place, quality waves, and no one around. These are the best surf wave.

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