best lens color for fishing

What Is The Best Lens Color For Fishing

Wind, scorching sun, and rain can all get in the way of fishing. Float fishing becomes an unthinkable horror when there is even a slight flicker on the water. To keep your eyes from getting tired, it is important to purchase a pair of fishing goggles. In stores, they are called “polarizing goggles for fishing.”  Let’s figure out together which the best lens color for fishing

What are the goggles for fishing

Let’s divide them by the material from which the lenses are made. It can be plastic or glass. 

best lens for fishing
the best lens for fishing

Lenses made of plastic-type PRC Polarized are lightweight but transparent. They have an additional coating on them, which over time can be damaged. PPM Polarized withstands mechanical damage because of its “composition”. PPX Polarized is the most successful option, which combines the properties of the previous ones. Plastic wears out faster than glass but costs a little less. 

Glass lenses have other features:

  • More durable;
  • Protect your eyes from ultraviolet light;
  • can be with diopters, which is good for fishermen with nearsightedness or farsightedness;
  • slightly heavier in weight, although this is not critical;
  • more dangerous in case of mechanical damage;
  • More expensive than plastic. 

Best lens color for fishing

Different colors are needed for a certain type of light. The colors vary: yellow, pink, brown, blue, gray. Each color is suitable for different weather and is effective under different conditions. 

  • Yellow. Suitable for normal conditions. Clear sunny day, light breeze – lenses with a yellow light filter protect the fisherman’s eyes. 
  • Blue. Also suitable for clear weather and scorching sun.  
  • Pink. Needed for those who are constantly changing the landscape, the lightness of the site. 
  • Gray. Reduces the overall brightness. 
  • Brown. Increases contrast, in these glasses, you can see everything that happens in the water column. 

Correct choice of glasses

what color lenses for fishing
what color lenses for fishing

Choosing glasses, you should remember what you want to save more – the money in your purse or your eyesight. Quality products are adequate, any fisherman can afford such a reliable protector from the sun or wind. 

When buying pay attention to this:

  • Glasses should be tried on and checked. If you feel discomfort in the store, then the fishing miracle will not happen. There are different models and you need to pick up a pair that fits perfectly. 
  • Vision problems are also taken into account. Strong minus or plus can interfere with good and productive fishing. In this case, buy sunglasses with glass lenses and go to the optician. Dioptric lenses and polarization – the key to good fishing. 
  • A comfortable fit. Glasses should not fly off, slide on the nose. It prevents and distracts. Therefore try to tilt your head and turn it. If everything is OK, you can move on. 
  • Let’s say no to fakes. Sight is more valuable than money. No matter how much you want to save money, we strongly recommend you not to do it when it comes to your health. Glasses are not more expensive than a spinning mill or a winter suit. So choose not only by design but also by comfort. 

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